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On Love (and Sofas)

By Tamu Bakery, Jan 21 2016 06:43PM

Hooray! I did it - three love cakes in 2 days! One wedding cake and two wedding anniversaries.... September is the month of weddings. Or so we say in Ukraine. Traditionally, people got married at this time of year simply because it was the harvest and food prices were more affordable when catering for a big wedding.

I vividly remember my own wedding, even though it was 8 years ago. Strangely though I can't remember my wedding cake at all! But I am glad that Tamu's customers remember theirs. I had an email from Paul, asking me to make him and his wife Jessica a first wedding anniversary cake - lime and pistachio flavour, - as he remembered this cake from their wedding a year ago. I was touched. Well, who wouldn't be?

Or my friend Rami who asked for a chocolate cake for her wedding anniversary. In fact, I made an orange, marmalade and chocolate truffle cake for her family. Because marriage is like that - sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's bitter, sometimes is fresh and full of flavour like a fresh orange, and sometimes you get so busy with the life that opening a jar of marmalade is the only exciting thing!

But when you first get married.... Well, its all about white cream and ideas about the "ideal" union. That's why for my friend Carly's wedding I have just made a lemon crème fraiche-meringue cake in the shape of a sandcastle with two vintage toys cars on the top - as in marriage you support each other to reach as high as you can.

If I were to describe my married life as a cake, it would be probably be tutti-frutti, full of surprises and unexpected things. But dieticians say that fruit is good for you, hey? But to be serious, it's not just about the flavours, for me it's all about the love. Recently I was talking to my husband about the prospect of two exciting baking trips to help fight GBV against women. Finishing I said "but how can I get all this money together?!" "Don't worry, Yana, if it will come to it we can always sell our sofa to fund it". It was enough for me to understand that eight years ago I made the right choice, marrying this man only knowing him for six months prior that.

I think now it's explains to everyone who tell me how brave I am to go to all my trips around the world to help women. According to Lao Tzu, I have both the strength and the courage!

Happy anniversaries, Paul and Jessica, Rami and Alin! Happy wedding day, Carly and Stu! May your lives together be sweet and delicious and thank you for your generosity, guys. I am deeply touched...

Love, Tamu