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Tamu Bakery runs empowerment workshops with women using baking as a therapy. These events have been run in partnership with many organisations around the world providing support to survivors of gender based violence.


Yana has also provided capacity building assistance to these partner organisations, assisting them in the development of programmes and campaigns.

Parallel to running Tamu Bakery, Yana Spencer has worked for NGOs in the human rights sector. Some of the issues she campaigned on were female genital mutilation, forced marriage, human trafficking and domestic violence.


Through Tamu she delivers impactful workshops on gender-based violence and human rights for clients such as the UK National Health Service, the Police Service, and schools, colleges and universities both in the UK and abroad. Yana is available as an inspirational guest speaker for your organisation or conference.


Prior to this, Yana had a 10 year career in broadcast journalism, and has been able to advise women's organisations on such topics as the development of behavioural change campaigns and media relations. She is also a freelance writer on women's issues, travel and food culture.


She has also carried out various research projects for governmental organisations into such areas as barriers health care access for black and minority ethnicity communities, and education and training policies for diverse communities.



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