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Empowering Maasai girls,  survivors of forced marriage and female genital mutilation, at the Kajiaido Education and Rehabilitation Centre.


You can listen to a documentary recorded by Yana Spencer during her trip to Kenya about the lives, hopes and dreams of these girls who have been through so much. Please click the link below.  


Provided therapy to women who suffered rape as a weapon of war during the conflict with Serbia, in partnership with the Medica Kosova Centre in Gjakova.



We supported women victims of human trafficking and bride-kidnapping in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Refugees1 Book

In the UK we ran events and gave talks to raise awareness about the issues of gender-based violence, campaign for change, and provided consultancy to agencies such as the NHS and the police. We also run baking therapy workshops with survivors of domestic violence and abuse, as well as refugees.

In Ukraine we worked to ease the plight of refugees from the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk displaced by the conflict by providing psycho-social support.


In Tanzania we worked in rural areas near Kilimanjaro. We ran baking workshops with primary school children, and succeeded in challenging gender stereotypes.


In Montenegro Tamu Bakery ran empowering baking sessions with Roma girls to promote positive behavioural change, and also therapeutic workshops with Montenegrin women fleeing domestic violence.



In Sri Lanka 94% of women have suffered sexual harassment on public transport, 62% of women have been sexually harassed at work, and 54% of women have suffered domestic violence.


Tamu Bakery has been fighting to raise awareness of such gender-based violence issues, working with victims of abuse, and providing motivational speaking and training workshops.


Sri Lanka

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Rajasthan, India

In April 2016 I had the privilege of working with an inspirational group of women from the Dalit community in Rajasthan, Northern India. In partnership with the Sambhali Trust, I ran a series of baking and women's rights workshops to help empower these ladies, who face discrimination and abuse due to both their perceived low status according to the Indian 'caste' system and the patriachal nature of their own community.

Photograph courtesy of Jayati Saha (www.jayatisaha.com)


In October 2016 baking therapy workshops were run with vulnerable girls and young women in Hanoi, Vietnam.


It was a very humbling experience to work with young people who were either street kids or had been the victims of human trafficking.


Tamu Bakery works in partnership with innovative grassroots organisations at the forefront of the fight against gender-based violence, running training in human rights, delivering consultancy in media campaigning and advocacy techniques, and running baking therapy workshops.



Middle East

Currently based in the Middle East, Tamu is working on an e-cook book, exploring the flavours of the region, and writing investigative journalism pieces into human and women’s rights abuses


Beirut, Lebanon

Tamu ran a baking workshop the Children’s Centre at the Shatila camp, in Beirut, Lebanon. Originally built for 3000 Palestinian refugees, the overcrowded camp is now home to over 23,000 people.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Ran workshops at shelters helping girls and young women who had been rescued from human traffickers (a major problem in Nepal).